Travelling with a Baby

Friday afternoon and the rain is pelting against the windscreen, the sky is grey and dark, the road ahead is barely visible with the herd of cars heading towards the countryside leaving behind the busy Sydney suburbs. Your vehicle navigation is telling you to turn off an unknown route which has you second-guessing where you are heading, and your 15-month-old baby is getting restless in the backseat crying and fidgeting. After taking an extra hour than you initially planned you arrive at your destination with the front reception nearly closing and your friends and family waiting to order their dinner as they are expecting your arrival. You reach your destination, and your hotel has no ramps or lifts to carry your bags while you carry your baby and stroller up the stairs. Once you reach your room you realise your room has a slightly strange smell...

This was us travelling to Berry NSW last weekend for a wedding. Although it may sound like a tough trip it was nice to catch up with the family that we have not been able to see due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. It is hard to know when travelling with an infant how they will adjust to the changes. I was so nervous leading up to our trip thinking Audrey would be that crying baby on the plane. In reality, she was fine, the change in air pressure didn't bother her at all (some babies cry as it hurts their ears).

I wish I had spent that energy planning our trip instead of worrying. Some things you just do not know until you have experienced them firsthand. Firstly, the accommodation makes a huge difference when you travel with a little one. When we were first having discussions about our trip, I said to Mitchell we should get an Airbnb, but he insisted we stay at the Hotel that everyone is staying at to be close to the family, which is understandable. I mean we did not know any different at the time.

Tip 1

Here is what we learnt about organising a trip with an infant/ toddler. Rule number one; book an Airbnb home, hotel with an adjoining second bedroom or an apartment with two rooms. We were lying in bed in the pitch-black darkness with the white noise machine blaring in the background at 8:00 pm wishing we did this. We could not watch TV or get up and move around as Audrey was in her cot next to us and we could not leave the room either as we had to be with her, so we ended up going to bed when she did. This is not such a bad thing, but it would have been nice to be able to stay up and unwind a bit more before hitting lights out. Mitchell ended up making a makeshift cubby house/ fort for Audrey to block out the light of which he was pretty proud. Certainly, next time we will know to plan this a lot better.

Tip 2

Pre-plan your journey when travelling by road, take a minute to read ahead and look at alternative routes and turn-offs as the navigation can sometimes be deceiving, especially on roads you have never travelled on before. Knowing where the petrol stations, restrooms and food stops are along the way is a big advantage. Audrey had just woken up from her nap as we were heading out the door and I asked Mitchell "should we feed her before we go?" he replied, "no we'll get something on the way." There was literally nothing. Not like in Melbourne where there are McDonalds and BPs along the freeways. We ended up stopping in Wollongong to get something to eat which delayed us, but we needed a break from all of the crying.

Tip 3

Try not to stress too much and enjoy your holiday. This is precious time with your family. xx

Things to Pack for Baby

Bathroom | Toiletries

Baby Panadol Bonjela Teething ring


Barrier cream

Nappy bags

Baby wipes Dummies Thermal gun Eucalyptus chest rub Bath oil/ kids shower gel Moisturiser Hairbrush Toothbrush & toothpaste

Sleep | Bedtime

Day-time | Everyday Items


Hope this blog helps you if you are planning on travelling with a young child or baby. Thanks for reading! Don't forget to hit 'love'.

Ann Edwards

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