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Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Style Trends


Colour is a great way to brighten up your desk area. Warm coloured metals such as rose gold, gold and brass are coming back in a huge way with accessories. Adding a touch of gold here or there can make your space look and feel more luxurious. Shop the latest desk accessories online or click on the link below to shop for the latest trend.

Floral | Plants

A way of creating an environment that improves efficiency elevates your mood and gives a sense of calm is by introducing plants and/or flowers.

Have you ever noticed that taking a walk in the park or getting some fresh air does a lot for your mental health?

Try adding some indoor plants and a vase full of your favourite flowers (mine are ranunculus) to brighten your day!

Studies have proven that house plants improve concentration and productivity by up to 15%. I do strongly suggest using real plants and flowers as it not only improves air quality but it has so many other benefits. Artificial flowers/plants often look fake, plastic and just end up collecting dust.

Photos | Art

Pin-up boards, decorative wall frames, canvas prints or decorative pieces personalise your workspace and make you feel great.

Adding a personal touch to your desk can create a really cosy feel. With long work hours, whether that be at home during the COVID-19 lockdown or back at the office, having a photo of our loved ones makes us remember what we work hard for. On those days when we really CBF, looking at our family/cat photo or significant other lights the fire that makes us realise why we do what we do, for them.



  • Clear container dividers

  • Desk organisers

  • Filing folders and trays

I cannot stress enough if you haven't already invested in a good quality desk that has drawers you need to think twice.

I see so many clients that want their studies organised but they don't have any storage. Try to take into account when you are purchasing a desk that it has enough drawers/ cupboards that are practical for what you are using it for. If you already have a desk and are in need of more storage a filing cabinet or side cupboard will be perfect. Something that doesn't openly display your items is ideal.

You can purchase clear dividers for your desk from most discount stores by taking a photo with you and measurements of your drawers to ensure you get the correct fit. You could even be creative and use an extendable cutlery tray from your local K-mart. The key is to contain items so there are no free-floating pens and stationery. Group all like items so that you can easily find things you need. This will keep you feeling in control of your work/study area as well as neat and tidy.


An important part of keeping an organised desk is to ensure it is cleared at the end of every day. You don't want to start the day clearing invoices, old sticky notes and crumbs off the desk from your morning tea the day before.

File all loose paperwork by scanning it electronically and discarding the physical copy or putting it into the "to be filed" tray. This doesn't mean dumping it there until it becomes one big pile of paperwork. The "to be filed" section should be a temporary spot until the end of each week where it is then filed in a cabinet or electronically.

You can purchase pre-labelled magazine holders below on our website to store your folders and paperwork.

For more help with organising contact us on 03 9847 7712 or

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