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Updated: Nov 23, 2021


Pair Up

All great achievements are never done alone. Even individual sports have a team with coaches, family, and friends to cheer them on and encourage them. Often, we become side-tracked in our day-to-day lives that we leave the pile of clothes on the chair in our bedroom, we do not file the paperwork at home as efficiently as we’d hope, and our pantries are stocked with groceries we've always been meaning to organise.

Just like a gym buddy to keep you accountable, so is the organising buddy. In saying this it is wise to consider choosing someone that will help you in achieving the result you are wanting. Try to keep this in mind when asking a friend or family member for help, you do not want to be there all day reminiscing about an old item or even having your buddy insist you keep everything.

Your buddy is there simply to give you that little push you have needed to just get started. You can make this fun, crack open a bottle of wine, have a coffee and chat but remember the goal is to get to your end result.

Avoid Impulse Purchasing

Retail is a good form of therapy but when you make it a habit is when you find yourself with too much stuff. If you are starting to pile or cram things into spaces to make it fit, it is time to ease off the spending. Go through your cabinet and see if you have it already, is there an old bottle of vitamins in your bathroom cabinet or expired sunscreen? (It loses its effectiveness after expiration).

Don't get me wrong I do it too, we all do. I find myself walking down the aisle of Kmart looking at all these 'things and getting caught up in the rush of a purchase. I think, "that looks amazing", "it's so cheap" or "what if they sell out"? Whenever I have walked away from a purchase, I do not think I have ever thought twice about it...I mean if I came home and the next day remembered this cool new thing and thought about where I would put it I probably wouldn't have the space. There have been so many times I see cute indoor tents and decor for my daughter's room I just have to take a minute and breathe as funny as it sounds. She has what she needs to grow, learn and have fun she doesn't NEED this.

If you really want something you will eventually get it. Do not try to rush things, you might even find it cheaper or a better alternative somewhere else! New and wonderful things come up all the time, it is the "fear of missing out" often referred to by real estate agents that makes us act on this impulse to purchase at once. My motto is to sleep on it, if you still are keen as bean by the end of the week then heck, go for it.


To maintain a space after it has been organised there are a couple of factors that come into play. One is habits. Like an old dog learning new tricks so must you. If you live with other people, communicating clearly how you would like things done and working as a team to maintain spaces is key.

An example of this is a client of ours who always has messy laundry, she is a hardworking single mum with kids and like most people as you can imagine it is tough to keep the house always looking tidy. A method we have implemented at home is to tidy every night. Yep, every night! It sounds like a lot especially if you have had a big day but try to get everyone involved.

At our place whoever puts our baby to sleep takes the responsibility of looking after her and getting her to bed while the other person tidy’s all the toys, books and unpacks the dishwasher. The beauty of it is we end up finishing our household tasks at the same time, ready to unwind for the night.

If your kids are older try teaching them that once things get full that it is time to act. When the laundry basket begins to fill up, put a load on, when the dishwasher is full put the cycle on. You cannot do it alone if you live with others everyone has an important role.

Thanks for reading!

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